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26 June 2014
Government's new child poverty strategy fails to deliver the drastic action needed to tackle the rising problem.
25 June 2014
Families in problem debt need support, not aggressive behaviour and false legal threats
25 June 2014
Planned Pupil Premium change fails to include children living in low-income working families
23 June 2014
To mark the launch of our Big Summer Do fundraising campaign, we asked the public to tell us their fondest childhood memory
20 June 2014
The government has listened to us, but there is still work to do
17 June 2014
The Children's Commission on Poverty wants evidence on the problems faced by children in poverty in our schools
10 June 2014
To better support young carers,we are interviewing young carers and their families over the next several weeks
09 June 2014
Poverty tsar warns child poverty strategy won't meet 2020 target-- our response
04 June 2014
The measures announced in the Queen's Speech should have a greater focus on vulnerable chlidren
02 June 2014
The Birmingham Commission for Children is inviting young people to give their views on how Birmingham children can be given a better start in life.