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The cover of VoiceOur new issue of Voice (PDF file, Flipboard version) really sums up what we are all about. In it, we share children and young people's voices, focus on what your support means and the work we have undertaken since our previous issue.

Whether you volunuteer, fundraise, campaign or donate, this new issue showcases work from across our organisation. We hope that you enjoy the issue, and thank you for your continued generosity.

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What's inside Voice

This is shaping up to be a very important year as we uncover the very real impact growing up in poverty has on children. Thanks to The Children’s Commission on Poverty, launched in October, we are learning just how devastating living below the poverty line can be.

This issue features how the commission - a panel of 15 young people - is leading an investigation into what childhood poverty really looks like, through young eyes.

In addition, our new issue features:

  • the story of how one young man overcame his difficult past with your help
  • an update on what’s happening around the organisation
  • an in-depth look at The Children’s Commission on Poverty
  • an infographic on 10 facts about poverty
  • Tess Ridge, professor at Bath University, shares her views on childhood poverty
  • 15 young people explain why they are opening the debate on childhood poverty
  • a close look at how our children’s centres give young people a better start in life
  • Katarina's story - when bureaucracy pushed one family into poverty, what happened?
  • Our volunteer, Parama, tells us why she gives her time to support our campaigning
  • X Factor finalist Misha B talks about growing up in Manchester and why she's supporting our new programme in the area
  • how we have worked with neglected teenagers for the past 132 years
  • inventive ways our supporters have been raising  money and new opportunities to get involved
  • two companies have joined forces with us to help disadvantaged children
  • our retail empire is growing with new shops opening all the time

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