31 March 2011
We are pleased to be one of 18 signatories who have joined the campaign to atop CSA charges.
23 March 2011
Read our response to the government's announcement that it will opt in the EU directive on human trafficking.
Young girl smiling
23 February 2011
Young girl looking sad
23 February 2011
Father and baby reading
23 February 2011
Young boy
02 February 2011
From the 15 – 16 February, we will be holding a consultation at St George's House to discuss the role of the family in society.
girl holding her head in her hands
12 November 2010
Influential peers, including Bishops in the House of Lords, have called on the Government to honour its commitment to end the immigration detention of children.
girl staring straight ahead
12 November 2010
Six months ago today, the coalition Government promised to end the immigration detention of children.
girl leaning against a wall
06 August 2010
Delighted by the pledge made by the new Government to end the barbaric practice of detaining children for immigration purposes