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Latest Press Releases

Young carers urge Government to support 'hidden' children

Call comes as portrait exhibition opens in London, capturing the hidden lives, hardships and hopes of hundreds of thousands of young carers across the country.

The Government's child sexual abuse inquiry is a welcome fresh start

4 Feb 2015

'We support the appointment of a new chairperson and new panel with statutory powers. This is a fresh start and represents a new opportunity that absolutely must not be wasted.'

Children in poverty the ‘big winners’ from £74m crisis funding

The Government's decision to continue funding local welfare assistance will provide crucial relief for families and children in poverty.

Government move gives children struggling in cold homes hope

Warm Home Discount gets extension for another year

girl looking cold while sitting on her bed

Children suffer as energy companies fail vulnerable families in energy debt

22 Jan 2015

Energy companies are failing huge numbers of families struggling with energy debt, causing parents to feel intimidated and damaging children’s health

Huge take-up of free school meals shows importance of availability to children living in poverty

18 Dec 2014

The uptake of free school meals by 1.3 million infant children shows the importance but over half a million children are still missing out.

Preservation of Local Welfare Assistance a 'welcome relief' for families

We respond to the Government’s decision to retain dedicated funding for council schemes to help vulnerable families in crisis.

More than 40,000 older teenagers at risk of child cruelty

Legal loophole makes it impossible to prosecute adults for neglect or ill-treatment of 16 and 17-year-olds

'It’s shocking that nobody knows how many children fall victim to crime every year'

We respond to a report for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Victims and Witnesses of Crime.

Rise in food bank use a 'national scandal'

It's a national scandal that ever more families are resorting to food banks, and it's imperative that this report's call to action is answered.