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Unemployment creates new child poverty crisis

3 Nov 2009

A staggering two million British children now have no parent in work and the number of children in families having to survive on benefits has jumped by 170,000 in just twelve months according to a

Refuges needed across Britain to protect runaways

26 Nov 2009

A network of emergency accommodation for young runaways should be created across the UK, a new report says today.

Children in immigration detention held in 'prisons'

29 Nov 2009

The Home Affairs Select Committee published a report on the detention of children in the immigration system on 29 November

Katie's story

2 Dec 2009

Katie is only 12-years-old but has already been living in care for nearly half of her life. She was put in care because she became a victim of abuse in her own home.

Make a commitment to children

9 Dec 2009

The Children's Society calls on all political parties to make a clear commitment to improving children’s lives in any new administration they form, in its

Royal colleges call to end immigration detention of children

10 Dec 2009

The Royal College of General Practitioners, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Faculty of Public Health have today issued a briefing which describ

Song inspired by The Children's Society hits YouTube!

17 Dec 2009

A musical collaboration inspired by our work has inspired a YouTube hit!

Detained children held in 'wholly unacceptable' conditions

18 Dec 2009

Provision at Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centre had deteriorated since the last inspection and arrangements for children and single women were wholly unacceptable, said Dame Anne Owers, Chief

The Children's Society comments on the Families Green Paper

20 Jan 2010

Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive of The Children's Society, comments on the Government's Families and Relationships Green Paper.

Family conflict significantly harms children’s happiness, says groundbreaking study

27 Jan 2010

Children’s well-being is far more strongly influenced by levels of family conflict than by family structure, according to new research by The Children’s Society into what makes young people happy.


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