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Who are children's heroes today?

16 Oct 2008

In partnership with the Church of England, we have developed fun, engaging alternative Halloween activities.

The Children’s Society receives Britain’s Most Admired Charity award!

21 Oct 2008

The Children’s Society was awarded Britain’s Most Admired Charity on the 20 October at the prestigious

Coming soon to a bookshop near you

9 Dec 2008

On 2 February 2009, Penguin will publish the culmination of over two years independent study into what makes a good childhood.

When you can’t rely on your family, where do you go?

9 Dec 2008

Nadine lived in a house in Manchester with her mum, her stepfather and her big sister. One day, Nadine’s mum got cancer. The cancer made her mum do things she wouldn’t normally do. She was scared.

“Remember they are children first.”

9 Dec 2008

Our Project Workers are the people who physically make childhood better for thousands of young people every single day. They’re our unsung heroes.

Unwanted Christmas presents?

9 Dec 2008

There’s something for everyone. Anyone can sell on eBay.

'A Good Childhood' in the media

15 Dec 2009

We've received extensive press coverage for the launch of 'A Good Childhood: Searching for values in a competitive age'

Excessive individualism threatens our children, say experts

2 Feb 2009

Leading experts today identify excessive individualism as the greatest threat to our children.

Read the national press coverage online

3 Feb 2009

We launched our landmark report A Good Childhood: Searching for values in a competitive age on Monday 2 February 2009

Further national press coverage of A Good Childhood

6 Feb 2009

Coverage for our landmark report 'A Good Childhood: Searching for values in a competitive age' continues.