Latest Press Releases

Modern Slavery Bill committee calls would help protect trafficked children

8 Apr 2014

Statement on the Joint Committee’s report on the Draft Modern Slavery Bill

Lords take huge step in keeping trafficked children safe

7 Apr 2014

Our response to today's House of Lords vote on the Immigration Bill

Housing support cuts risk putting families into debt

2 Apr 2014

Response to the Work and Pensions Committee report on housing support in the reformed welfare system

A long way to go in tackling child sexual exploitation

1 Apr 2014

We believe more can be done to prevent and disrupt the sexual exploitation of children

Radical plan to help West Midlands children out of poverty

1 Apr 2014

The New York model is a first for the UK and gives comprehensive help from child's birth until they start work or begin higher education.

Leading parties united in letting down children in poverty

26 Mar 2014

Welfare cap risks derailing all three parties’ commitment to end child poverty

Call for payday loan ad ban on children’s TV

25 Mar 2014

We want adverts for payday loans banned from children's television

Welfare cap puts struggling families at risk

19 Mar 2014

The cap on welfare spending announced by the government risks harming struggling families

Our response to increased childcare support

18 Mar 2014

We welcome the government's decision to provide more help with childcare costs

'Famous, Rich and Hungry' helps lift the lid on poverty

12 Mar 2014

'Famous, Rich and Hungry' shines a much needed light on the reality of poverty and the harm it does to millions of people – including children – across the UK


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