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More than 40,000 older teenagers at risk of child cruelty

18 Dec 2014

Legal loophole makes it impossible to prosecute adults for neglect or ill-treatment of 16 and 17-year-olds

'It’s shocking that nobody knows how many children fall victim to crime every year'

9 Dec 2014

We respond to a report for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Victims and Witnesses of Crime.

Rise in food bank use a 'national scandal'

It's a national scandal that ever more families are resorting to food banks, and it's imperative that this report's call to action is answered.

Disadvantaged children bearing the brunt of cuts

3 Dec 2014

Our response to the Autumn Statement 2014: 'Vulnerable children's needs must not be forgotten'

Response to Government's announcement on its modern slavery strategy

29 Nov 2014

The Government’s announcement of its strategy to tackle slavery in the UK is an important step forward. But for it to be effective, it is vital it makes sure children trafficked – both within and to this country – get the help they need.

Government announces action on payday loan ads and nuisance calls

26 Nov 2014

Investigations into timing of adverts and rules on cold calling are welcome steps.

Action needed to stop childcare debt under Universal Credit

25 Nov 2014

Our response to the expansion of Universal Credit to families with children

Absence of crucial safety net pushing families to use food banks

19 Nov 2014

Our response to report highlighting growing use of food banks

‘No excuse’ - children still not being protected from abuse

19 Nov 2014

Responding to Ofsted report The sexual exploitation of children: It couldn't happen here, could it?

Response to MPs' report on Rotherham child sexual abuse

18 Nov 2014

Children who have been let down by the very professionals who should have protected them – whether police, councils or Ofsted – must not be let down again by a lack of scrutiny, care and support.


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