11 Dec 2007

Young carers open special photographic exhibition

11 December 2007

The Children's Society

The exhibition was held on Monday 26 November at County Hall in London and showed images taken by photographer Jess Johnson. Jess was part of a group that travelled to a symposium for young carers in Kenya in 2006, which was organised by the Commonwealth Organisation for Social Work (COSW).

Jenny Frank is the Programme Manager for The Children's Society’s Include Project, which aims to give young carers in the UK a voice. Jenny and two young carers from England shared their expertise and experience to support young carers in sub Saharan Africa at the symposium.

Sally Keeble MP, Martin Kimami, a young carer from Kenya, and a group of young carers from England who attended the symposium, opened the exhibition on behalf of The Children's Society.

Sally said: ‘Having travelled with The Children's Society to Kenya, the pictures in the exhibition really managed to capture the lives of young carers in Kenya. By working together to support young carers at home and abroad, we hope to bring about real change for these young people. Thank you to everyone involved for making this exhibition possible.'

The Include Project was particularly excited that British Airways sponsored two young carers from Kenya to attend the exhibition and mini conference.