27 Feb 2009

The Retail Division is looking for churches who are willing to accept one of their bright and modern Textile Banks onto their grounds. Paul Tate, Merchandise Manager explains more: "even though we are all much more aware about the need to recycle, the UK is still responsible for sending over a million tonnes of textiles to landfill with a further half a million tonnes remaining unworn and living in our wardrobes. We are calling upon our wonderful supporters to agree to take one of our Textile Banks at their churches so they, their friends and family can support us by filling it with unwanted clothing and textiles".

"The great thing about the Textile Banks is that they give everyone the opportunity to help raise money for The Children's Society, whilst doing their bit for the environment too. We are really excited about this new piece of work and hope there are plenty of churches out there that want to get involved."

If you would like to learn more, please call our Supporter Action Line on
0845 3001128.