16 Oct 2008

The Children's Society recognises that not all parents wish their children to partake in some mainstream Halloween activities. Whilst no-one can deny that Halloween has pre-Christian roots, and that the original pagan event was assumed by the spread of Christianity, the fact is that since the eighth century, All Saints' Day has fallen on 1 November and the word 'Halloween' derives from the term 'All Hallows' Eve'.

So in partnership with the Church of England, we have developed alternative Halloween activities that are fun and engaging and provide a choice for families.

You could hold an ‘All Saints’ service, starting the evening by celebrating sainthood and maybe including a children’s Eucharist. Hold a collection for The Children's Society and then join in a candlelit procession in and around your church or parish

Children can dress up in costumes – maybe as modern-day heroes or ‘saints’ such as nurses and firemen and still enjoy the thrill of exploring their neighbourhood after dark – as with current Halloween practice.

Ask members of the community to support The Children's Society’s work with disadvantaged children instead of giving a ‘treat.’

We have lots resources to help make your Halloween Choice fun, accessible and exciting for everyone.

Call 0845 600 8585 to order your free materials.

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