2 Jan 2008

Safe in the City Birmingham has helped hundreds of young runaways to keep safe, and get their lives back on track.

Safe in the City Birmingham previously looked after children and young people who had run away from children’s care homes, but recently the project was expanded to look after those who have run away from a family home as well.

The project has achieved great success because of its committed project workers and their belief that every child deserves a safe and secure childhood.

Anna is a Young Runaways Support Coordinator at the project, and she spends her days meeting with children and young people and their families.

‘We really make a difference to a young person and their family and potentially, we can reduce the number of young people entering the care system,’ Anna says.

Project worker Michael Pace, who works with children and young people who have run away from care, said that runaways just want to be listened to.

‘We had a letter from a young person recently who said that their project worker was the only adult who had ever listened and talked to them. I think that shows how important and valuable our work is to them, because so many young people have never received any support from any adults during their lives,’ Michael says.

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