26 Jan 2007

Professor Rod Morgan Leaves The Youth Justice Board

26 January 2007

Penny Nicholls, Strategy Director, at The Children's Society, said:
The Children's Society strongly regrets the resignation of Professor Rod Morgan as head of the Youth Justice Board. In a spiralling climate of fear fuelled by hype, Professor Morgan has always acted with measure and reason in tackling youth crime. He has shown himself to be a tireless and passionate advocate in arguing that every child matters.

The Children’s Society shares Professor Morgan’s fear that we are on “the brink of a prisons crisis”(1) with youth courts and children’s prisons bursting at the seams. There remains a consensus of experts across charities, the youth justice board and the prison inspectorate that a line has been crossed in the treatment of young people in prison.

Children’s prisons have been troubled places for many years and there is no excuse for continuing an inhumane system that fails either to safeguard children or reduce re-offending. A system stretched to bursting point will never provide the sort of intensive work that rehabilitation requires. There is an urgent need for more preventative work and a serious effort to make community-based alternatives to custody work.

Notes to Editors:

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