25 Mar 2010

The Children’s Society and Bail for Immigration Detainees strongly support the Sanctuary Pledge, launched today. The pledge aims to build a political consensus in support of reaffirming Britain’s historic tradition of providing sanctuary to people fleeing persecution.

The contrast is stark between the need to give sanctuary to people – including children – fleeing persecution, and the current practice of forced detention. Britain is locking up people who have not committed a crime and we believe that this is an outrage. We are delighted that the Sanctuary Pledge is joining the OutCry campaign in recognising that the cruel and inhumane practice of immigration detention for children must end.

A key element of the Sanctuary Pledge is that it aims to “support policies that will end the detention of children and families for immigration reasons”. The Children's Society and Bail for Immigration Detainees fully support it.

For more information, contact Rafi Cooper at The Children's Society’s media office on 020 7841 4422, or Rafi.cooper@childsoc.org.uk.