12 May 2010

The new Government has today announced plans to end the immigration detention of children as part of its coalition negotiation agreement. The following statement has been released today: 

The Children's Society and Bail for Immigration Detainees (united under the OutCry! campaign) are delighted that the new Government has pledged its commitment to ending child detention in immigration centres. This is a major step forward for the OutCry! Campaign and we feel a tremendous reassurance that the new Government is taking this so seriously.

The OutCry! campaign has repeatedly condemned the unnecessary practice of immigration detention of children which seriously harms children’s physical and mental health. We believe that locking up children, who have committed no crime, for months at a time, is unacceptable in Britain in the 21st Century. This commitment is a huge step in the right direction and we now await the details of how the new administration intends to implement the policy. We urge them to end this abhorrent practice as soon as possible.

For more information, contact Rafi Cooper at The Children's Society’s media office on 020 7841 4422, or Rafi.cooper@childsoc.org.uk.

OutCry! campaign
The Children’s Society and Bail for Immigration Detainees are currently campaigning to end the immigration detention of children and their families. Funded by the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, we are campaigning together under the banner OutCry!

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Bail for Immigration Detainees
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