3 Aug 2010

British people have a positive attitude to teenagers after all, despite the bad press young people often get, a new poll reveals. At least 67% of Brits think of teenagers as ‘friendly’, ‘respectful’ and ‘clever’, in the new Metro/Harris Interactive poll.

Stephen Mellor, of Harris said he was surprised by the percentage of people who thought teens were ‘respectful’. “Teenagers historically are not known for this. We hear so much about the lack of respect for teachers in the classroom, it’s good to know that the real picture is less radical”.

A majority (58%) also thought that teenagers work hard in school or college to get good grades.

Other results were less favourable and showed that less than one in five of people surveyed between the ages of 25 to 34 saw teenagers as ‘hardworking’ and just under half of this group believed teenagers to be ‘irresponsible’. But this figure drops to a quarter for people surveyed over 55.

Harris polled 773 people over the age of 16 throughout England, Wales and Scotland between 13 and 21 July.