11 Dec 2007

MPs pledge their support for young runaways

11 December 2007

MPs pledge their support for young runaways

Exciting new developments for young runaways.

Over the past few months, The Children's Society has reached some significant achievements for young runaways who are at risk on the streets in the UK.

Director of Children and Young People, Penny Nicholls, said:

‘Firstly, the Government has announced a new indicator for local authorities specifically on young runaways. Indicators are areas of work that local authorities must prioritise and will be assessed against. This is a landmark shift, and it will push young runaways much higher up the local authority agenda.

‘Secondly, nearly 100 MPs pledged their support to our work on 15th October by signing our giant replica running shoe, representing the 100,000 young people who run away every year. Many of these MPs attended thanks to pressure from our local campaigners,’ Penny said.

On the two days after the pledge day, a panel of key MPs also heard evidence from experts about what else needs to be done to help young runaways.

We are expecting to receive a response from government soon on the 39 recommendations in our young runaways report, ‘Stepping Up’, which was submitted in October.

Penny said: ‘The Children’s Society has been working hard for many years to get where we are now, and these achievements are the result of a combined and sustained effort by many parts of the organisation, not least our local campaigners.’