2 Dec 2009

Katie is only 12-years-old but has already been living in care for nearly half of her life. She was put in care because she became a victim of abuse in her own home. Care was believed to be a safer option for her. It wasn't.

When her carer began abusing her too, Katie started running away. She started missing school and putting herself in dangerous situations. A group of men targeted her for sexual exploitation. It was only when she was referred to The Children's Society's Safe in the City project that the extent of the danger she was in, was revealed. Katie's project worker at The Children's Society is Anna. Anna realised how vulnerable and fragile, Katie and her life was. She immediately worked with all the other professionals involved in Katie's case to provide immediate assistance.

Anna acts as an emergency phone contact at any time of day or night. She is Katie's voice in meetings with Social Services and the local authorities. Anna ensures she gets the support she needs including getting secure accommodation.

As a result of Anna fighting Katie's corner and working to ensure all other professionals were working as one team, Katie has been relocated many miles outside of the area, in a home in a countryside location. Here she will get the emotional support she so desperately needs.

However, many children aren't getting this support. Many still choose to run away and out themselves in danger rather than face the horrors that exist at home.

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