11 Feb 2009

Further coverage for The Children’s Society’s landmark report “A Good Childhood: Searching for values in a competitive age” in the weekend papers.

Here is a list of more key NATIONAL online coverage:

MONDAY – 9 Feb 2009
Lucy Kellaway: My new guilt as a selfish working mother
Financial Times

Letters: Snowed off
The Independent

Claire Beale on Advertising - Advertising, Media
The Independent

Madeleine Bunting: The maverick ideas of red Toryism could give ...
The Guardian

SUNDAY – 8 Feb 2009
Jill Kirby: Parents beware: do-gooders want to push you aside
The Sunday Times

Kathryn Flett on television: A world without adults? Good idea ...
The Observer

Mail on Sunday

Anthony Seldon: Why, when we have so much more, are we not happier ...
Independent on Sunday

Exploiting kids.. just for sake of TV ratings
Sunday Mirror

SATURDAY – 7 Feb 2009
Leader: the selfishness that excludes children
The Times

Will Young: I'm still recovering from Question Time... - Telegraph
Daily Telegraph

Deborah Ross: Buzz off kids! Mum's watching Supernanny
Daily Mail

Amanda Platell: Television show reveals savagery, selfishness and children in crisis
Daily Mail

How can I tell my parents I was abused as a child?
Daily Mail
Letter to Bel Mooney

Daniel Finkelstein on video games and children
The Times

The Good Childhood Inquiry - the UK's first independent national inquiry into childhood - is managed by The Children's Society. The major new paperback A Good Childhood, is on sale now. The book is written by Professor Richard Layard and Judy Dunn and published by Penguin.

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