15 Dec 2009

The Sunday Times today kicked off the launch of the landmark report commissioned by The Children’s Society; “A Good Childhood: Searching for values in a competitive age”.

The Sunday Times article Cure for the Facebook generation explores some of the findings (from the Family chapter) and is followed by two more feature articles: Our children's blighted lives and Parents - pull your socks up

The Observer article Parents who argue 'harm their children' led with comment by Children’s Minister Beverley Hughes and another article, Are our children really in crisis, or the victims of parents' anxiety? discussed the concerns over childhood today.

The BBC followed up on The Sunday Times story with broadcasts on BBC News - Children's lives 'harder today'. Viewers can also view or add to the hundreds of comments in the site's Have Your Say section.

The media launch of the book, “A Good Childhood” takes place on Monday 2 February at 10am.

The Good Childhood Inquiry - the UK's first independent national inquiry into childhood - is managed by The Children's Society. The inquiry's final report and recommendations, A Good Childhood, is on sale from 5 February. The book is written by Richard Layard and Judy Dunn and published by Penguin.

Notes to Editors:

For more information, please contact The Children's Society media team on 020 7841 4422 or out of hours mobile 07810 796 508.