12 Nov 2010

Junior children's minister Tim Loughton claimed that the 'Big Society' agenda will allow fathers to play a bigger role in children and young people's lives in a speech to the Fatherhood Institute.

His views echo the focus of The Children’s Society Fatherhood Commission work, which is investigating the extent to which fathers are involved in the everyday aspects of their children’s lives.

In his speech, Tim Loughton emphasised the need for fathers to be central to children’s upbringing, saying that the government must ensure fathers are recognised in policy and must make it easier for professionals to engage with them.

" 'The Big Society', which will involve many young people, is a good opportunity for this kind of work to be taken further and wider, with fathers playing a fuller role in their local communities and being encouraged to get involved in their schools, children’s centres and youth clubs far more than has been the case in the past," he said.

The Children’s Society Fatherhood Commission's recommendations on how the obstacles to better father-child relationships might be overcome will be published early next year.