7 Nov 2007

Dr Who tops celebrity teacher poll

07 November 2007

Children across the UK chose TV's Dr Who, David Tennant as their ideal celebrity teacher in a poll conducted by CBBC Newsround and The Children's Society.

Asked 'Which famous person would make a good teacher?', David Tennant as Doctor Who was the clear favourite for the No.1 spot. Over a quarter of those taking part believed he would be a great teacher for science, history and geography because of his extensive travels through time and space.

Alice (age 13) from Hampshire commented: "I think it would be amazing if David Tennant taught history. He's the Doctor; he's been around since the beginning of time! Who knows more about history than him?"

CBBC Newsround invited the nation's children to answer questions about school and the different ways they learn. Their comments will be presented as evidence to The Children's Society's Good Childhood Inquiry - the UK's first independent inquiry into childhood.

Children named an eclectic mix of celebrities, from the sensible to the surreal! In second place was Harry Potter creator J. K. Rowling, who was a firm favourite for teaching English because of her creativity and ability to write good stories. David Beckham was the most popular choice of celebrity teacher for PE.

The Queen was another top ten favourite among school children. Sam from Solihull chose Her Majesty because: "She could tell us what is good about being British, and tell us amazing stories." Officials at Buckingham Palace were overjoyed with the results, saying: "We are really pleased to hear this news and thank all the children who took part and voted for The Queen."

Unexpectedly, teenage 'chav' Vicky Pollard also received some votes, with pupils choosing her for her sense of humour! Princess Diana and Kylie Minogue were chosen for being kind and caring. TV favourite's Billie Piper and Tracey Beaker received votes because the children thought they would understand what it's like to be young. Richard Branson was also considered a good candidate due to his business success as the children thought he could teach them how to make a lot of money!

However celebrities thinking of swapping the red carpet for the classroom shouldn't give up their day jobs yet. As when asked what they liked about their school, many children named a favourite 'real' teacher as the best thing.

Jessica (aged nine) said: "Our teacher is great fun". While Sumayyah (aged 10) said "I like my school because the children there are very welcoming and so are the teachers. If you get lost or something there is always someone there to help you."
And it wasn't all good news for celebrities. Nisha (age 12) said: "I don't think celebs would make great teachers. I like my teachers just the way they are."

The Good Childhood Inquiry is asking what makes for a good childhood in the UK today. Its final report and recommendations will be published in early 2009. Adults wishing to contribute their childhood memory to the inquiry can do so by visiting www.hundredsandthousands.org.uk.

The top ten celebrities chosen by children across the UK to make a good teacher were:
1. David Tennant
2. JK Rowling
3. Billie Piper
4. David Beckham
5. Hilary Duff
6. Kylie Minogue
7. Tracey Beaker
8. Richard Branson
9. The Queen
10. High School Musical Cast

The Children's Society has developed a composite photo of a selection of the favourite choices - creating an image of the ultimate celebrity teacher!