27 Feb 2009

Dad hits mum. Again and again and again. What do you do if this is your life every single day? Sam and Daniel lived like this for most of their lives, until their mum managed to pluck up the courage to escape. But the after-effects live on. One child became withdrawn, the other threatened suicide. The Children’s Society helped this family to start again.

This is just one of the families we’ve worked with and you can read their story in this magazine. Here at The Children’s Society we know how important families are in helping children have a good childhood. Children told us that feeling loved and secure is vital when growing up, regardless of family structure. At the beginning of this month, we launched the report, A Good Childhood: Searching for Values in a Competitive Age. The resulting debate and media attention has captured the public imagination and got everybody talking about childhood. We give you the low-down of the report and our response.

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