12 Aug 2008

Designers set bench mark for National Picnic Week

12 August 2008

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Wayne Hemingway and Ella Doran are just some of those that have lent their support to The Children's Society's National Picnic Week by creating bespoke picnic bench designs.  

Photograph taken for The Children's Society © The Children's Society

With additional designs from Linda Barker, Scott Henshall and Meg Matthews, National Picnic Week launches on Monday 11th August calling for children, families and their friends to reclaim park space for children. The call comes as the charity lists the top-ten green cities for play space as part of its first-ever National Picnic Week from 11-17 August.

Scott Henshall said: "I loved going on picnics as a child with some of my favourite childhood memories being of afternoons in the park with my family. I hope National Picnic Week inspires families to spend time together and enjoy having a picnic themselves."

Penny Nicholls from The Children’s Society comments: “The green spaces are there but too often they are seen as out of bounds. Children don’t have the freedom they used to, so they can’t always get to spaces where they can play. National Picnic Week is all about spending time with friends and family and giving children a chance to roam free. Let’s use this opportunity to reclaim our green spaces, have fun and help children enjoy childhood to the full.”