21 Sep 2011

Comment from The Children's Society on Nick Clegg's proposal, set to be unveiled in his keynote speech to Liberal Democrats later today, to give up to 100,000 children the chance to attend a two-week summer school prior to starting secondary school.

He is set to say that the £50 million voluntary summer school could prevent children "falling through the cracks".

The Children's Society Chief Executive Bob Reitemeier said:

 "We know from our work with older children that the move from primary to secondary is a critical stage in a child's life that can dramatically affect their future. Providing additional support for those children who teachers and parents know will find it hard to adapt to a new school environment could make a big difference by nipping problems in the bud before they escalate.

"This approach makes perfect sense and, arguably, should be provided during their first year at secondary school as well as before they start school."


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Notes to Editor

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