6 Aug 2009

Christingle is a wonderful, candlelit celebration, which places children at its heart and helps us to shine a light into darkness for the thousands of children we support. Held between Advent and Epiphany, Christingle enables us to bring together friends, families, young and old, allowing us to explore the Cornerstone messages of the Christian faith and put the Christian value of charity into action.

At The Children’s Society, we believe that every child deserves a good childhood. Children have consistently told us that two areas stand out as being important for a good childhood: relationships and love, both of which are key to Christingle. Behind every Christingle celebration is a community – relationships being built between churches, families and friends, local schools, youth groups and the general public. By being part of this special event, you are welcoming your community and enabling children and young people to feel valued as they actively engage in celebration and worship.

To find out more about how to get involved, pre-register for your FREE Create-a-Christingle pack by visiting www.christingle.org or calling 0845 300 1128. Your pack, which is packed full of practical and useful resources, will be sent out in early September, giving you enough time to create your own special celebration.

Last year, over £1.2Million was raised through Christingle celebrations, enabling us to work with children who most need our help. Children like Sophie who is part of our National Mentoring Initiative:

‘Tina - she’s my mentor. I can tell her stuff that bothers me and she gives me advice, shows me how to deal with things without hitting out. Calms me down. School is much better.’ Sophie, aged 12.

Young people, such as Sophie, face social exclusion for many reasons - low self-esteem, shyness, bullying, poverty, language barriers, and racism. A Mentor serves as a trusted, independent person who will chat, listen and be a friend outside the home and school. Our Mentors support hundreds of young people, giving them the confidence and skills they need to achieve goals and deal with life’s challenges.

By raising money through Christingle, you will help us to build a society where children like Sophie are supported and childhood is value and respected.

Pre register for your Create-a-Christingle pack today.
Visit www.christingle.org or call 0845 300 1128.


Christingle originated in the Moravian Church in 1747.