29 Oct 2010

Change. The Children's Society accepts the Government's decision to withdraw Child Benefit from higher tax rate earners, and hopes that this will allow the Government to strengthen its protection of the poorest and most vulnerable families. We also call on the Government to consider the reinstatement of a universal Child Benefit when the public finances allow.

Vulnerable children Whilst we welcome the Government's decision to exempt families with a disabled child or adult from the cap in benefit entitlements, we are concerned that adopting too simplistic an approach might end up hurting those that need support the most. Each family is unique and we urge the Government to consider the impact on those with several children, one-parent households, those living in costly, inner-city areas, the effects of long-term sickness, death or undiagnosed disability.

Early intervention strategies The Government should adopt early intervention strategies that help families to tackle the problems they face before they become overwhelming. It should guarantee all families that their essential and varying needs will be met, regardless of family structure and in all this it should direct its energies towards its goal of eradicating child poverty in Britain by 2020.