18 Jun 2010

Nick Clegg has outlined plans to make the UK a better place for children, saying for too many childhood is a time of "stress, anxiety and insecurity".


The Children's Society welcomes the new Childhood and Families Taskforce to be chaired by David Cameron. The Good Childhood Inquiry, commissioned by The Children's Society, found that the lives of children are ‘becoming more difficult, and more difficult than they ought to be’. The Children's Society works with some of the most disadvantaged children in the UK, and we hope that the new Government supports these children.

Some of the areas identified by Mr Clegg are of particular importance. Although ambitious, his aim of cracking down on ‘irresponsible’ advertising aimed at children is important. Childhood has changed dramatically and children are now continually subjected to pressure to achieve, behave and even consume like adults at an even younger age. Whilst we understand that the commercial world is a fact of life and that children’s involvement in it can be an important part of them developing and expressing their sense of self, we need to examine the dreams we should be encouraging our children to follow.

The Children's Society also believes that it is positive that the Government is looking to increase the role that grandparents can play in children’s lives. The Good Childhood Inquiry highlighted the importance of grandparents and we believe that the more familial support that a young child receives, the better their childhood will be. This links to the Fatherhood Commission that The Children's Society has set up to ensure that children receive the greatest possible support from their families, and fathers in particular.

For more information, please take a look at our Fatherhood Commission page.