12 Mar 2009

Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive of The Children's Society, comments:

“The Children’s Society understands the difficulties inherent in child protection social work, and fully agrees that everyone has a responsibility to safeguard children. It is important that we offer full support to the social work profession in making improvements in child protection. 

As Lord Laming said at the very beginning of this review, it is vital that social workers focus on the needs of the child, rather than on their parents. We are particularly concerned that many children and young people are still not being seen, spoken to or listened to and so their needs have been ignored. This needs to be urgently remedied and listening to children needs to be at the core of all training for professionals.

Social workers desperately need the time, support and training to help them do more preventative work with families, rather than just being able to step in when the child is already at risk."