27 Jan 2010

The Children's Society today had a huge media hit for its childhood well-being research. The research, which found that two children in each classroom are unhappy, has featured on TV, radio and newspapers throughout Britain.

When you woke up this morning, you may have seen Penny Nicholls on the sofa on GMTV, talking about confidence and appearance with Siobhann, 14, from our Genesis Project at Catford High School. Or perhaps you were watching Bob Reitemeier on BBC Breakfast or BBC News 24, discussing how many children are happy, and what makes them happy.

The report was also in several national newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph, who focused on parents arguing making children unhappy. The Daily Mail led on one in ten children being unhappy. The Independent spoke to Brittainy, helped by The Children's Society’s National Mentoring Initiative, and focused on the need for parental harmony.

Regional newspapers, including the Yorkshire Post, London Metro and Belfast Telegraph have also written extensive articles.

For more information, please contact The Children's Society media team on 020 7841 4422 or out of hours mobile 07810 796 508

You can read a selection of the coverage here:

Parents who argue are more likely to make their children unhappy than those who live apart, a report has claimed.
Daily Telegraph
It's a sad fact, but one in ten children is unhappy
Daily Mail
Unhappiness in children is more likely to be influenced by conflict in their family than the family's structure, research suggests.
BBC News Online
Children's happiness is far more strongly influenced by family conflict than by factors such as living in a single parent household, according to the findings of a new study.
Belfast Telegraph
Don't stay together for the kids, rowing parents told
Children are more affected by family rows than living in a single-parent household, according to new research published today.
Yorkshire Post
Better to be lone parent than to row