23 Mar 2010

The Children's Society welcomes today’s Home Office measures and promise of an action plan to help missing people and their families.

The report by the Missing Person’s Taskforce, which has led to these measures, is a positive step for the estimated 100,000 young runaways each year, who make up nearly three-quarters of those who go missing annually. Particularly crucial is the information sharing between agencies, which will hopefully lead to improved working between police, charities and social workers and subsequently to greater support for young runaways.

The Children's Society still believes that there is room for further support for young runaways that these latest measures do not provide. In particular, we believe that ensuring a return interview for all children who return to home or care is vital to reduce the future risk of running away and assess any support that the young person may need. We also believe that all local authorities should ensure that crisis response services, including emergency accommodation and refuge, are available for young runaways who need it.