21 Oct 2008

The Children’s Society was awarded Britain’s Most Admired Charity on the 20 October at the prestigious Third Sector magazine awards ceremony. 

Britain's Most Admired Charity award is the first award that is voted for by charities themselves. The awards are decided by charity chief executives voting on a shortlist drawn up with the advice of a panel of voluntary sector leaders and experts. It offers charitable organisations a unique opportunity to publicly recognise and celebrate the work of their peers.

Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive of The Children's Society, received the trophy pronouncing:
'I am pleased that the efforts of everyone - individuals and teams - across the whole organisation have been recognised in this way.'

Children's charities took two of the four categories in the Third Sector charity awards. Bob said that it was particularly important that the work of children's charities had a high profile at this time of economic downturn.

'When the country faces the kind of uncertain financial future that we do today, it is organisations such as The Children's Society that need to step up and take a lead in defending the disadvantaged,' he said.

The presentations were introduced with a talk by actor Joanna Lumley, winner of Celebrity Charity Champion last year. She spoke about the importance of giving to charity and her support for nearly 60 causes.

The awards, in their fifth year, were hosted by Barclays on the exclusive 30th floor of its Canary Wharf building and were attended by more than 150 chief executives, trustees and other sector representatives.