26 Nov 2010

On Monday 29th November 8pm, Channel Four are going to be showing a Dispatches documentary entitled 'The Kids Britain Doesn’t Want'.

The programme will focus on the current situation for young refugees coming to this country. Part of the programme will be a discussion on the subject of immigration detention of children, something The Children's Society has lobbied on for over two years through the OutCry! campaign. 

The programme will explore young people's experiences of the UK asylum system by following the stories of children and young adults from Iran, Afghanistan and Uganda.

The Children's Society works with many children and young people who arrive in the UK from all over the world in search of asylum from conflict and persecution. However this documentary will highlight that for some, Britain is not the refuge they hoped it would be. Instead, asylum-seeking children suffer a culture of incredulity and must navigate their way through an asylum system that often causes them psychological and physical harm.

Please watch this documentary to understand more about the challenges faced by the young refugees who The Children's Society supports around the country.