8 Feb 2008

Case study: Anne Marie's story

08 February 2008

'Hello, my name is Anne Marie and I’m going to tell you what my life is like.

'My mum used to drink. It made me feel really angry and sad because my mum would lie about it, but I knew she had done it because I could smell it on her. My mum didn’t hardly care about herself. Sometimes she would feel dizzy and once she even had to go into hospital.

'When Mum was drunk she'd forget about me. Sometimes I didn't eat all day. Then kids at school started calling me names because we couldn't afford to buy new clothes.

'STARS helped me by talking to me about how I felt, and how I could feel better and how to stop feeling angry and sad. The staff at STARS were really friendly and nice and did enjoyable things when I saw them, like colouring in, playing games and even taking me to places.

'If you have a problem like mine then STARS can help you feel better inside. Going to hospital made her much better. I’m really proud of my mum - she has done really well,' Anne-Marie said.

The STARS project in Nottingham supports children and young people like Anne-Marie, who are aged between three and 18 and who know someone in their family who uses drugs or alcohol. The project is flexible and can work in schools, family centres, at the project or in the community. The staff provide one-to-one work, group work and a children and young people’s forum.