5 Jun 2008

Be the FACE of Childhood!

05 June 2008

Our Hundreds and Thousands campaign has a new face - on Facebook! If you have a Facebook profile, you can add our application to your page and post your childhood memory on a moving memory wall.

Don’t forget to invite your friends to take part in our movement for making childhood better. It’s a great way to share something about yourself with your friends, and take a peek at their memories and childhood photos!

You can also join our Hundreds and Thousands of Childhood Memories group by clicking here.

It seems that many of our best childhood experiences are being lost to today’s generation. The Children’s Society wants to change this and you can help. Through encouraging people to submit their favourite childhood memories we can capture this learning before it is lost for today’s children.

One memory is interesting but with thousands of memories we can start building a picture of the very best part of childhoods across the generations.

You can submit your own memory online go to www.hundredsandthousands.org.uk and send the link to friends and family to do the same.