23 Jun 2009

‘My family, friends and I are discriminated against every day, just because we are travellers. I live with my parents and two brothers on a double-decker bus, and my parents have always stayed in the same area so I don't change schools. It's not a very nice thing to grow up with the feeling that people hate you just because of the way you live and judge you before they even meet you just because they've heard something bad about a traveller. I've been called "gippo" and "thief" by children at school. It used to upset me, but no one ever went any further than calling me names.

There probably are bad travellers out there who steal and stuff, but there are also bad people out there who live in houses, and who steal and do bad things. But I don't stereotype people. And no matter what their race, gender, sex or size, neither should anyone else stereotype because it's never nice to be the person on the receiving end.’

The Children’s Society Children’s Participation Project Wessex (CPP) based near Bath, works within a wide geographical area across a range of issues. Working with disabled, traveller and youth justice children.

We work with individual children, like Eadie, assisting them to access education, supporting their emotional needs, encouraging resilience and helping them to access leisure activities.