Posted: 02 September 2013

What's your message for David Cameron?

They spoke out on behalf of the 1.2 million school children living in poverty in this country who don’t get free school meals. Like us, they wanted to tell Mr Cameron that this is a crucial entitlement for our poorest children, so that every child gets the support they need to grow and thrive.

More than 400 Greenbelt festival-goers joined our Fair and Square campaign photo petition. Many wore dinner lady outfits, brandished ladles and spoke passionately about the difference free school meals can make.

Some of the most vocal supporters were teachers and doctors, who know first-hand the health and educational benefits free school meals have. Our recent survey found 98% of teachers think free school meals should be available to all children living in poverty.

'I can't concentrate without food. Why should they?'

'As a children's Docotor I know Food = Health'

Here are a few more of our favourites:

'Full tummies, active brains...''We're in an Eton Mess...'

'Do the right thing...'

We collected all the photo messages into a photo mosaic which we plan to send to David Cameron.

400 messages for David Cameron  - Our photo mosaic

If you'd like to add your own message please add your support in the comments section below.

You can see also selection of images from the photo petition on our Facebook page

By Sophie Brightwell - Church team

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After working in Education for 33 years I am staggered at the lack of joined-up thinking and practical policy-making when it comes to protecting children. Today I hear that Baby Peter's mother is to be released from prison.

I have never written to my MP or Prime Minister before though I follow the political world in its broadest and most detailed sense.

In this particularly horrifying case, I find it inconceivable that any justice system can allow a person who repeatedly ignored her child's desperate pleas for help and perhaps even took part in the systematic and merciless torture of this small, helpless, innocent child to be given freedom from incarceration after only 6 years. To add to the insult, we are expected to accept that as taxpayers we should pick up the cost of giving this depraved person a new identity. Our justice system is going too far! Peter's mother was party to his painful and tragic living hell. I believe I am not the only person in the country to feel that giving her freedom so early is totally outrageous.