Posted: 12 August 2014

Use our map to reveal the extent of problem debt in your area

Our Debt Trap campaign highlights how hundreds of thousands of children in England and Wales are living in families trapped by debt.

We have found that nearly 2.5 million children across the countries live in families owing a total of £4.8 billion in bills and loans. By using our interactive map, you can see for the first time the extent of the impact of debt on families in your area.

While household budgets up and down the country are under strain, families with dependent children face extra pressures, as they are more likely to face unexpected bills and are less able to cope with sudden financial shocks, for example redundancy, reduced hours or illness.

As families begin to struggle financially, many feel that taking on credit is the only way to make ends meet - a third of all families have had to borrow money to pay for essentials for their children in the last year. This often marks the beginning of the debt trap as credit repayments begin take up a larger proportion of income and families find themselves cutting back on essentials.

Use our map

To find your area, move your mouse cursor across the map. Names of constituencies should appear. By clicking on any area, you’ll see a pop-up window appear with information about the number and proportion of children and families in problem debt in that area. Our map estimates the proportion of families in problem debt in different constituencies across England and Wales. While some areas have more children in families in problem debt, this is an issue right across the country. (Find out what you can do about it.)

In the map’s upper right corner, you can do a word search for your area or share this on social media. In the upper left corner, you can zoom in and out to change your perspective.

If you would like, view the map in a new window.

By Katie Curtis - Campaigns team

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