Posted: 18 July 2013

Use our map to find your local welfare assistance scheme

Use our map to learn about local assistance in your area.

Prior to April, community care grants were available to support people who need support to live independently in the community. Crisis loans were available to provide help with short term needs in a crisis. 

These two forms of support for general living expenses were abolished from 1 April last year. New local provision of these will be administered by local authorities in England and the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales. If the welfare reform bill becomes law, changes will be applied in Northern Ireland this autumn.

The funding provided for establishing local welfare assistance schemes has been provided on a non-ringfenced basis, which has resulted in local authorities across the country establishing different schemes of provision. (Read more about the effects of the end of crisis loans and community care grants in our new report on changes to emergency support.)

For as many local authorities as possible, our table below provides links to local information about local welfare assistance schemes that are available across the UK. Where possible, we linked to pages providing information about eligibility and making an application.

Please use our map and find out about local assistance in your area.

Other help available

Budgeting loans are available through the DWP to help claimants who have been on an income-related benefit for at least 26 weeks. The loans help cover costs of essential items for which it is difficult to budget. More information is on the website.

If you are in financial need because of a delay on dealing with a claim, or making payment of a benefit award you may be able to get a short term advance. Find out more on the Turn2Us website.

Find your local welfare assistance scheme

We have information about local welfare assistance schemes across the UK.

Our map contains information about schemes across the UK. In Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, the schemes are country-wide, while in England all local authorities have their own schemes.

If you are unable to view the map, you can download the list as a PDF. (If you are unsure of your local authority, use Directgov's tool.)

If you have any further information about any of the schemes where we have listed as 'information unavailable' or if you notice that any of the links provided are no longer working, please let us know and we'll update the map.


Get involved

Tell your MP that no child should have to grow up in a cold home - join us to make the warm home discount automatically available to all families with children living in poverty.

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By Sam Royston - Policy team

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hi everyone just stumbled across this page so maybe someone maybe able to help me i am in receipt of dla due to severe epilepsy and need to make a claim for my daughter who has mental behavioral problems will making a claim for her affect my benefits
any help will be much appreciated


Hi there iv been a council tenant now for over 10 years and lived at my current address for 6 years.i have 3 children 3,8,11. Last July i reported some repairs that needed doing in ny bathroom a few tiles had loosened and a leaky tap. The council were quick to come out. They removed all tiles. Replaced my bath. They said a test had to be done on the wall for asbestos so they couldn't carry on with work. They left my bathroom with a hole in one wall and exposing the outside wall. A few days later the test was carried out. He was unable to tell me the result and said souneone Will be in contact soon. Months passed by i then received some appointments through at start of december. Two workmen turnerd up then sat there for 2 hours waiting on a call. They then left still no work had been done. Received another letter 4 days starting 17!th dec but no one showed by this Time my bathroom had become damp and smelly also effecting my bedroom making my bed feel damp. After xmas my friend helped me complain emailed housihg and sent pictures. The housing officer came to see and was disgusted with the condition they left me in. She said the work Will be done in a few weeks.i heard nothing more until a few days before the work began another appointment letter . There was no info on the letter about moving or clearing my bed out my room and basically they showed up took my whole bathroom ceiling down and said they needed my bedroom cleared they said we returning at 4. No help no where to put any of my furniture .they came at 6 i saidno. The complaints team cameca few days later sacked the workers arranged forva new company to do job which is Tomo . I need to know if i would be entitled for some kind of Grant as i have no bedroom furniture now its all ruined iv never had any grants or loans iv been on benifits and a single mum for 6 years and can also could i claim some kind of compensation for the conditions iv lived in for nearly 7 months?

You could get a budgeting loan. you do have to repay the loan but you will not be charged any interest on the loan.

I am having to sell my house due to debt I will however come out of it with some equity however I will not receive this until after the sale so my Wife & I will be homeless as we are both unemployed and don't have any capital in order to rent temporary accommodation until we receive our equity I just don't know who to turn to for help whatever money was loaned would be paid back immediately as soon as we received our equity. Can you help!!!

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Your local authority should provide 'local welfare provision'. Essential items such as: cooker, washer, fridge, freezer, bed. There may also be a community awareness programme to asist you with furniture. If you have access to the internet freecycle sites have some ok stuff.

Hi I'm a single mum currently living in south london and I recently received a eviction notice. I've had hundreds of issues since living here and to be honest I just want to move but I'm having difficulty raising my deposit and rent in advance. I don't really know if my local authority will help due to making myself homeless. Is there any other help and I only have 2weeks

In need of advice really. Me and my husband are separating, our 1 year old will be living with me. We have a joint claim for jsa and child tax credits.
jsa is fortnightly and tax credits weekly. As it is joint i will need to make a separate claim but what will happen in the mean time whilst its processing. Will i be left with no money??

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Hi i am a 17 year old girl with an almost two year old son. I was bought up in care (social services were involved) my mum kicked me out in febuary, and since then i have been homeless, i have been to my local authority and they are saying that they can not do anything to help me at all untill im 18. I have made a new claim for tax credits and income support and they are saying it can take anything from 3-6 weeks till i start receiveing it, im currently staying with my boyfriends sister just so that my son has a roof over his head. I have no funds at the moment at all and need to get somewhere to stay asap as the social services are now involved again for my son and are threatning to take him off me as i dont have an address of my own but what am i to do if my local authority wont help me untill im 18 ?? (My local autority is bexley) please help as im REALLY desperate)

Hi i have recently gotten homeless i live in homeless accomidation in kirkby in ashfield provided by ashfield council i am just about to get a property i have three small children all i own is a cot fridgefreezer kettle i have no bed for me ir my children no carpets curtsins or anything else to put in my new home when i get it i can only get 120 of budgeting loan as i have other lians is there any help out there for me to be provided with carpets and furniture or any household goods

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hello I am trying to find out how to apply for welfare provision scheme I used the map and it brought up a link but when I clicked on the link it said the page cannot be found I am meant to move Friday have no furniture nothing I am diabetic, epileptic severally depressed and have fibromyalgia and laving an abusive relationship so I need to find money to get help to move and to get everything I need to live its driving me mad and making me feel so ill. I don't have time to wait for a reply on here please use my email and tell me what to do asap.

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