Posted: 04 July 2013

Martyna speaks about her and fellow young people's photography exhibition

DreamMakers is a UK-wide project taking place in Glasgow, Bolton, Peterborough, Newham and London over 16 months. 

At each location, young people between the ages of 13-19 of Roma, English, Irish Traveller and other backgrounds are trained in photography, sound, video and drawing, to become reporters from their communities.

Read more about the project and follow the young people's work please visit the DreamMakers website or download the details about visiting the exhibition in London. The London project opens today and runs through 14 August.

Martyna, one of the young people who works with our New Londoners programme, kindly answered our questions about having her photography in the DreamMakers exhibition that opens today in London.


Q: How did you come to work with the DreamMakers?

A: I heard about the project from my friend who’d been invited to take part by The Children’s Society. I always liked photography so it was a great opportunity to do something I like and I decided to join in. 

DreamMakers helped me to reconnect with my passion for photography. I met many great people and learnt a lot about taking photos professionally. I visited many places that I’d never visited before, such as 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning.

Q: Did you shoot photographs or create art for the project?

A: Yes. During the workshops I took many photographs but we also created some art - eg posters, flags. I took photos at home and in the local area to illustrate my home to school journey, etc. I also took many documentary photos of other people from my group during the workshops. 

The interview continues below two of Martyna's photographs

Photograph by Martyna of an electric pole

Martyna's photograph: A camera held in two hands, snapping a photo of pink flowers

Q: Can you talk a bit about your photography?

A: Generally I like to take landscape photos the most because I can see the nature from a different perspective. For example, I can see a tree in a different light than other people and I’m enjoying it and it’s like a part of me. 

I’ve tried to photograph children of my family members to connect my two goals - I’d like to become a nursery teacher and a professional photographer. 

Q: How does it feel to share your photo in this exhibition?

A: It feels great because it is a big achievement for a young person of my age to have their art/photos exhibited in an exhibition. It will help me in the future to achieve what I want. 

Every time I take photos I always want to ensure that they convey a message or provoke people to ask questions about them, otherwise I believe they are not interesting. I believe that one can find a beauty in anything and photos make it last. 


Read more about DreamMakers on the project's website.

Download the details about visiting the exhibition in London.from 4 July - 14 August.

By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

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