Posted: 09 February 2012

Knock, knock, knocking on a donor’s door

We recently received a very kind message from a new supporter, the kind of note that is too good to keep to ourselves.

If you have the chance to read this endorsement of our staff of door-to-door fundraisers, please do.

- Sorcha Hogan, Direct Marketing Officer

'His hard work is appreciated'

To whom it may concern,

This evening I was greeted on my doorstep by a young man collecting for your charity. As someone who has had more than my fair share of charities begging for my money, I don't think I've ever had such a pleasant experience! So I thought it best to send an email to let you know just how well this young man is doing.

His name is Jack. This evening at around 7pm in Kingston, he told me all about the charity and was incredibly friendly and polite, despite the freezing cold weather.

I explained that I am unable to pay a direct debit due to issues with my bank. However I have promised him I will make an anonymous one off donation, purely because of his smiling and upbeat attitude.

I myself have worked going door to door before and I know how disheartening, cold and sometimes depressing it can be! Which is why I think this man deserves a simple email from myself, explaining how much his hard work is appreciated.

Many thanks,

[A new supporter in Kingston]

Fundraising to support our programmes and young people

Learn more about ways to donate to The Children's Society.

By Sorcha Hogan - Fundraising and events team

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Great email, thanks for sharing sorcha! Great to see fundraisers get recognition. I wouldn't want to bo doing thier job in the middle of feb!

Great email, thanks for sharing sorcha! Great to see fundraisers get recognition. I wouldn't want to bo doing thier job in the middle of feb!

Dear Children's Society
Had your fundraisers knocking on our door tonight. Very friendly, pleasant and knowledgeable. Unfortunately they weren't very well trained for handling a response that went along the lines of 'happy to make a donation however not happy to hand credit card details over to a stranger on the door'.

They wouldn't take cash donations at the door - fair enough. But wanted me to sign up to a direct debit donation at the door. Sorry but we have a rule - we never ever give out bank account information to anyone at our door/on phone/or email unless we can verify their security. We have no geniune way of verifying who we are giving our banking data to so we just will not. Plus asking for direct debit but saying no to cash seems designed solely to get an ongoing commitment - great for you but not so great for us as we both work for ourselves and can't commit to having set funds in a set place in the future.

Not great to hear that you pay the hard working door to door staff via donations collected as the two staff we met with were very desreving but in an area where people are very cautious about financial secirty.


Today 1 of your door-to-door fundraisers (in Preston, around the Avenham area at 2pm) made my mum feel very uncomfortable.

She doesn't speak English very well so was reluctant to fill out the form and they made her feel bad for not doing so. They didn't look very proffessional so she was very unsure as to whether they actually worked for the Children's Society anyway.

Please ask this fundraiser (if you know which one it was) to be a little more courteous.

Thank you.

Had a lady knock on my door tonight ( in Heysham, Lancashire) with a children's society collecting box. Now wondering if it was genuine. Would rather have given via Gift Aid. Do you do door to door with collecting boxes?