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Posted: 19 August 2013

Digging into our history

Our archives form an amazing collection of the less-trafficked but fundamental corners of our organisation. Tucked away in a converted warehouse in south London, the files - many of which you can browse online - contain a multitude of photographs, case histories, magazines, and photographs.

Later this week we'll be sharing a story from our archives of how our organisation came to exist. Our infrequent archive series will show that although the types of work we have done has changed since our earliest days, we have a 132-year history of supporting the most vulnerable children in the country. Our new archive blog aims to share some of these stories. 

Historic plans

Thanks to our dedicated archivists, we have a rich, detailed collection of historic photographs and documents we can share.

In addition to focusing on our history, we'll also use our archives blog to offer perspective on contemporary times. Watch for stories related to our shops and our magazine, putting current milestones in some historical context.

We hope you enjoy these peeks into the past. 

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By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team