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Our spokespeople regularly speak at events, large and small, at a regional and national level. They can cover a range of subjects, including but not limited to: child sexual exploitation, children's mental health, children in care; child poverty; runaways and missing; young carers; substance misuse; impact and evidence; campaigning; policy and public affairs; fundraising; marketing, communications and digital; and third sector management.

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Meet our speakers 

A portrait of Matthew Reed, CEO of The Children's Soceity

Matthew Reed, Chief Executive

Areas of expertise:
• All aspects of the work of The Children’s Society

Portrait of Sam Royston, from The Children's Society

Dr Sam Royston is the Head of Policy and Public Affairs at The Children's Society.

Areas of expertise:
• Child poverty
• Welfare Reform (particularly Universal Credit) 
• Sure Start Children’s Centres
• Fair and Square free school meals campaign

Ilona Pinter is the Policy Advisor for Young Refugees and Migrants at The Children's Society
Areas of expertise
  •  Refugees and asylum seekers
  •  Migrants
  •  Trafficking
  •  Roma children
  •  Children’s rights

Simon Cottingham is Programme Manager for The Children's Society Safe in the City, Birmingham.
Areas of expertise:
• Runaways • Restorative justice
• Advocacy • Youth work • Volunteering
• Sexual exploitation and child trafficking • Safeguarding
• Voluntary Sector and strategic engagement

Richard Haigh, Programme Manager at The Children's Soceity SCARPA Programme, NewcastleRichard Haigh is Programme Manager at The Children's Soceity SCARPA Programme, Newcastle.
Areas of expertise:
• Runways
• Vulnerable adolescents


Helen Leadbitter, Acting Programme Manager, Family Inclusion ProjectHelen Leadbitter is Senior Project Worker at The Children's Society Include Programme.
Areas of expertise
• Young carers
• Refugee and asylum-seeking families
• Families affected by HIV in the UK

Jim DavisJim Davis has worked for The Children’s Society for 29 years in community work, youth work and social work.
Areas of expertise
• The Good Childhood® Inquiry
• Children in rural communities
• Travellers and nomads


Joanna Manning, Programme Manager at The Children's Society, NottinghamJoanna Manning is the Programme Manager at The Children's Society, Nottingham.
Areas of expertise:
• Parental substance misuse and its impact upon children and families (Hidden Harm) • Whole Family Working
• Promoting needs and rights of children affected by their parents substance misuse • Promoting children’s voices and experiences
• Young Carers and families affected by parental substance misuse


Ruby ThomasRuby Thomas is Head of Safeguarding at The Children's Society.

Areas of expertise:
• Child protection
• Safeguarding (particularly Universal Credit) 



Rhyannon Burman-DayRhyannon Burman-Day is the Regional Fundraising Manager (South)

Areas of expertise

  •  Volunteering
  •  Fundraising
  •  The work of The Children’s Society