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Islamic Society of Britain raising funds for us, other charities during Ramadan

'Ramadan has an established tradition of sharing and selfless giving that is every much a part of it, like the fasting'

Try our new homepages

Over the next six weeks we're using two very different designs as our homepage as a way of seeing which is most useful to you and our other users.

Our LEAP programme: Responding to young people's needs in Leeds

The manager of our LEAP programme, Judith Shalkowski answers a wide range of questions about the project's work

Derbyshire poet supports us through her work

Commission Siobhan Fennell, a poet based in Derbyshire, to write a personalised poem for you - each piece supports our work with young people.

'Any Questions?' focuses on young carers, economic issues

BBC Radio 4's 'Any Questions?' was broadcast live from our Young Carers Festival last night

Tell us about your free school meals

26 Jun 2012

Join our Fair and Square campaign. Please contact us if you already receive free school meals, or are not entitled to get free school meals.

Fleeing Eritrea and finding refuge in West Yorkshire

Hamid, a young person who has worked with our LEAP programme, is the subject of a short film broadcast on BBC2's Seeking Refuge series.

Disability and universal credit survey - we need your help

19 Jun 2012

We are working with the Citizens Advice and Disability Rights UK to review the impact of the new 'Universal Credit' benefit on disabled children and adults.

Our former Chief Executive receives CBE

Bob Reitemeier, our Chief Executive from 2002-11, received the CBE for service to children.

Bella Italia is fundraising for us

19 Jun 2012

We are delighted that from today, Bella Italia customers and employees will be helping to raise funds for The Children’s Society.