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Interactive map allows you to find the state of runaways support in your area

Use our map to learn of local support and ask your council to support young runaways

Please support Access Self Storage's Christmas toy appeal

Get a head start on the Christmas season by donating new and unused games and toys to Access Self Storage's Christmas Toy Appeal

Independent visitor wins volunteering award in Salford

Congratulations to David, who has been recognised for his 11 years of donating his time to help young people

Try the new mobile version of our website

Beginning today, you can easily access our site on your mobile.

Tell us about your free school meals

We want to hear from school children and parents who receive free school meals, or those who are not entitled to get school meals but who are in need.

Have you, or anyone you know, been placed in care miles from home?

6 Sep 2012

We are looking for a young person who has been placed in care far away from home, who can share their story with the media.

Family fun days in our shops, and stock days in September

Are your children getting bored during the summer holidays? Bring them to your nearest shop and celebrate 'Family fun days'.

Join our conference in Kent on safeguarding disabled young people

In association with the Kent Safeguarding Children's Board, we are co-hosting a day-long, multi-agency conference in late September - please join us

Supporting young carers in families affected by HIV

Our Include programme is identifying policy gaps and undertaking campaigning to bring about beneficial changes for young carers and families affected by HIV.

Young people from London volunteer in Burkina Faso

Two young people from our Disability Advocacy Programme in London volunteered earlier this year to work for three weeks in Burkina Faso.