14 Oct 2011

NatWest CommunityForce is a new initiative that empowers local projects and charities to raise awareness of their work and make their plans a reality with the support of NatWest as well as their local community.

playground at the Secret JungleThe Secret Jungle

Vote for us to help the Secret Jungle in Northdown Park, Margate which provides a place where disabled children, young people and their families feel relaxed and safe in a stimulating and fun environment. Promoting inclusion, our project encompasses a specialist playground, sensory areas, outdoor arts, crafts and nature learning sessions.

We have registered our Secret Jungle project to participate in this great initiative and it stands to win £6,000. The winners are decided by public vote and the three projects with the most votes in each CommunityForce area will win the cash. (The Secret Jungle’s area is Canterbury.)

We need your help

We need you to help us win this great prize by voting for us via the NatWest Community website. You need to act fast as voting closes on Sunday 23 October.

Everyone gets three votes, so you can vote for projects in your local area after you've voted for The Secret Jungle.

What do we want plan to use the award for?

With the £6,000 we would extend and enhance the Secret Jungle’s moveable features, purchasing mobile play equipment such as accessible scooters, trikes and bikes. This will encourage mobility and exercise, allowing our users to explore without the support of a carer - stimulating their personal and physical development. We will also develop a nature area which could include a wormery, tactile bug trail and music.


Thank you for your support!

For more information about this project, please contact Supporter Care on 0845 300 1128 or via supportercare@childrenssociety.org.uk