9 Jan 2013


Thank you very much to everyone who generously bought and sold tickets for our Winter Raffle 2012 and to those of you who kindly made a donation.

The response to our Christmas Raffle has been fantastic, with over £76,000 raised to help vulnerable children have a brighter future.

The raffle draw took place on the 21 December 2012 and we are very happy to announce that the winners are: 

1st Prize (£3000) – Mrs Carrol, Wellingborough. Ticket number: 0162881

2nd Prize (£1500) – Mrs Hobson, Nantwich. Ticket number: 0353507

3rd Prize (£500) – Mr Ross, Woodford Green. Ticket number: 0022591

Congratulations to our winners and we hope they enjoy their prizes!

Thank you again for all your support.

If you have any queries, please get in touch by calling 0300 303 7000 or emailing supportercare@childrenssociety.org.uk




Dear Children's Society,
I am writing to ask your advice regarding a idea i have. I am a marathon runner and i live in Teignmouth. I am going to run a marathon in June and I would like to run it for a child i.e. get sponsorship from as many people as I can. Then give the proceeds towards sending a child/children to Disneyland? I think the media would love this idea.
I thought this would be fairly straight forward but it actually seems more complicated than I thought. For example how would i find a family happy to do it, would they need insurance, etc?
Do you have any ideas or suggestions?
Regards Reuben Lenkiewicz

being well

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