30 Nov 2011

Please join us in London on 13 December for Rt Hon Alan Milburn's first keynote speech on child poverty. This will be his first speech on the subject as the government's independent reviewer on social mobility and child poverty.

The Children's Society is hosting the event, which runs from 9.30-10.30am at St Albans Centre. Refreshments will be served from 9am.

Please confirm your attendance by sending us an email

About Rt Hon Alan Milburn

Milburn is a former member of parliament for Darlington, and during his parliamentary career he served in the cabinet for five years, including as secretary of state for health.

He has campaigned throughout his career for a more socially mobile society and in 2009 produced the independent report Fair access to the professions.

In 2010, the coalition government appointed him to be the independent reviewer on social mobility, and this role was extended in 2011 to include child poverty.

As independent reviewer, he has been tasked with assessing progress on eradicating child poverty and promoting social mobility, and laying the groundwork for the establishment of a statutory social mobility and child poverty commission.