23 Jun 2010

Last November 2008 The Children’s Society and Bail For Immigration Detainees launched our three-year campaign called OutCry! which aims to end the detention of children and their families for immigration purposes.

You see, the sad fact is every year 2,000 children are locked up in detention centres through no fault of their own. Many of these children are fleeing horrific situations and come to the UK seeking protection, but instead are placed in detention.

Living in detention, can be a damaging environment for children. Evidence is emerging that children become withdrawn and depressed, developing symptoms such as bedwetting, insomnia and self-harm. In one case, a 10-year-old girl with diabetes was hospitalised twice due to the stress of incarceration. These stories are commonplace and there are many more.

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund is financially supporting our direct work with children and families detained at the Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre in Bedford. However your support is crucial to our campaigning efforts to put an end to this shocking practice.