12 Dec 2011

If your children receive or have received free school meals we want to hear from you.

As a result of an overhaul of the welfare system, the eligibility criteria for receipt of free school meals are currently being reconsidered by the government. 


In order to feed in to the development of a new system The Children’s Society want to hear from parents of families who are (or have previously been) entitled to free school meals. 

We want to hear about your experiences and views about creating a new system - regardless of whether you took up your entitlement or not.

Free school meals currently provide a crucial form of support for children in a large number of low income families, ensuring that around one million children receive a nutritious lunchtime meal. 

However, receipt of free school meals is currently beset by stigma, and many children in low income families are not entitled to receive this support because their parents are in work.

If you are a parent whose children are or were entitled to free school meals, we would be extremely grateful if you could complete our online survey.